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Product Quality Guarantee

We stand behind the quality of our products

Our huge range of bathroom products includes hundreds of products you'll only find at Reece - products that have been sourced or manufactured just for us. These include some of the biggest names in international bathroom brands like Roca, Laufen, Nikles and Axa as well as some fresh, upcoming brands that are really making an impression. We refer to these products as our Value Added Products or "VAP products" for short.

We're happy to stand behind the quality of all our bathroom VAP products because we know they are of the highest quality and we want you to enjoy your bathroom with total peace of mind. To deliver this product confidence, we take a total approach to quality and support that involves independent product testing, extended warranty cover and our after sales Customer Care.

We call all this our Product Quality Guarantee and it covers bathroom Value Added Products purchased from May 2011.

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All our bathroom VAP products are tested to the strictest standards

Before they ever reach a Reece showroom, all our bathroom VAP products, wherever they are manufactured, are tested to ensure they comply with all regulatory standards as well as our own rigid Reece standards. In fact, we even have our own product quality testing facility where we independently and rigorously test the products we sell. This unique commitment to product quality gives us, and you, total product quality confidence.




Our Warranties provide total peace of mind

Reece provides a comprehensive warranty program for all our bathroom VAP bathroom products. Different warranty periods apply to different types of products. However, all our bathroom VAP products enjoy a minimum 7 year product replacement warranty for domestic use with a one year warranty for spare parts and labour. And many of our bathroom VAP products are covered by a 15 year product replacement warranty for domestic use with a one year warranty for spare parts and labour. Some specific bathroom VAP products enjoy 10, 25, 30 year and even lifetime warranties.

The type and length of the warranty that applies to a particular product appears on the relevant product page of this website. The full warranty details are contained in either "Tech & Warranty Sheet" or "Warranty" that can be downloaded from those product pages.

All bathroom VAP products purchased from May 2011, will be covered by the Reece Product Quality Guarantee program. 

Please note that these extended warranties do not apply to clearance products including VAP products that appear in the Branch Clearance Stock section of this site. Clearance products are backed by a minimum 12 month standard warranty cover.




For warranty protection use a licensed plumber

It is a condition of our warranties that the products are installed by a licensed plumber.

Bathroom products are becoming more and more sophisticated. How they are installed can impact on how well they perform. A licensed plumber will ensure the products are installed and operating properly so you can enjoy their full benefits for as long as possible. So, don't risk it, always use a licensed plumber.




Our Reece Customer Care lasts well beyond the sale

If you have any questions about your warranty or require technical support, our after sales Customer Care team is there to support you. Depending on the type of product and the nature of your query, we will be able to provide you with direct support or will arrange for the relevant manufacturer to attend to your request. If you do have a query, simply contact the Reece store where you purchased the product and we will arrange for our Customer Care team to attend to your request.