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Hot water you can depend on

Thermann is quality you can trust

About Thermann hot water

Focused on quality and innovation, Thermann has grown to become one of New Zealand's leading hot water brands. Thermann is backed by industry leading warranties and after-sales service. Which is why more plumbers are trusting Thermann as their preferred hot water brand.

Real value

Regardless of the type of hot water system you prefer, we provide a range of systems to suit every budget.

Useful innovation

We only choose hot water technologies that are proven to work well and deliver real world performance and reliability.

Total confidence

We are the name being trusted by more and more plumbers because we are backed by Reece with leading warranties & service.

Simple living

Choosing a hot water system shouldn't be a complex process, you'll find clear information to help you make a smart decision.

There’s a Thermann product for every home.

Hot water for every type of home

Whether you're after the endless hot water of a continuous flow unit through to the tried and true electric storage cylinder, there is a Thermann system that's right for your home - big or small. Every product in our range is packed with useful features and proven technology, to deliver you the ultimate hot water experience every day.

Hot water

Introducing the all new Thermann 32R

The Thermann 32R can be installed in both domestic and light commercial applications. With a larger heat exchanger and high flow rate capacity, Thermann 32R is perfect for larger homes with a higher demand for hot water and light commercial applications like hairdressers, bakeries and cafes.


Thermann cylinders outside the home

All Thermann cylinders are suitable for installation inside or outside the home. Installing a cylinder outside the home is fast becoming the norm, freeing up the real estate in your cupboard space.

Case Study

A hot water system to suit everyone

Thermann has a number of different options to suit your needs.

Continuous Flow

Gas Continuous Flow hot water systems never run out of hot water which makes them a great choice for even the busiest families. They only heat water as necessary and are a far more energy efficient option.

VIEW THE RANGE Thermann Continuous Flow

Storage Systems

Electric storage hot water systems hold water in a tank that's heated so it's ready for use. Electric storage cylinders come in a variety of different sizes, are low maintenance and have a long service life.

VIEW THE RANGE Thermann cylinder storage


Thermann Commercial units are designed to service the hot water requirements and needs of small to large scale non-residential applications. From a small cafe, to a large, multi story hotel, no job is too big or too small.

VIEW THE RANGE Thermann Commercial

"Installing a Thermann cylinder outside made sense. It would be easier to access in the future, gave me back my cupboard space inside the home and it came with a good warranty...”

Brad - Home owner Auckland


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