Above Counter / Vessel Basins

Basins that sit on top of vanities and counters.

Wall Mounted Basins

Basins that are mounted flush on the wall.

Semi Inset Basins

Basins that are partially inset into the vanity or counter top.

Inset / Vanity Basins

Basins that are inset into vanity or counter tops.

Semi-Recessed Basins

Basins that are recessed into vanity or counter top.

Under Counter Basins

Basins that are mounted under the counter or vanity top.

Basin Spare Parts

Spare parts for basins and wastes.

Pedestal Basins

Basins installed with a pedestal or shroud.

Care Basins

Basins that meet the requirements for care applications.

Basin Shrouds

Shrouds to cover exposed wastes of wall hung basins.


Your basin is one of the most-used fixtures in your bathroom, so functionality and quality are important considerations. Whether you’re looking for practical and family friendly, or innovative design sophistication, think about where your basin will go – above counter, recessed into the vanity, wall-mounted, under-counter for a flush bench top – the options are many.