Swiss Precision

Crafted with Swiss precision, Nikles is intensely focused on the development of innovative showerheads and sprays. Through superb design, Nikles have perfected the delivery of life's most precious element - so you can lose yourself in the moment and feel free every day.

Reece bathrooms Nikles turbine
Turbine Shower
Booster Technology

The revolutionary patented Turbine Technology by Nikles uses a turbine wheel within the shower head that increases water pressure for a powerful, massaging shower spray that can exhilarate the body and awaken the senses.

Reece bathrooms nikles airdrop
Airdrop Gentle
Shower Technology

Nikles Airdrop © technology is a patented technology that enriches every drop of water with pockets of air, creating a gentle, uplifting feeling that envelopes the body. 

Nikles Range