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A fitting day to celebrate our plumbers

6 March 2017

With World Plumbing Day in the pipeline, we wanted to take the opportunity to find out more about the big issues, opportunities and challenges facing this important industry.

We sat down with Shayne La Combre – CEO of the Plumbing Industry Climate Action Centre (PICAC) and the Head of the World Plumbing Council to discuss what the future holds.

Q. Last year, you mentioned sustainability was a growing trend in the plumbing industry. Is this still the case and are there any other trends you’ve noticed?

A. We are also seeing bigger investment in solar power for domestic hot water production. Incredible advances in solar power, PV and battery technology continue to make this a rapidly developing market. Complex systems for heating, cooling and ventilation require specialist knowledge to be safely installed and maintained.

Q. With the rise in technology in the plumbing industry, are there any additional skills or expertise that plumbers should be focusing on learning and improving?

A. Keeping up to date and learning about new product developments and technologies is good as it ensures our plumbing taskforce has the skills to make the most of them. WPD regularly brings together key industry bodies to share knowledge, best practice and innovations. We help identify gaps between industry demand and training outcomes, and to develop specific new training content, innovative training methodologies and trainer quality improvements with a view to closing those gaps. A skilled plumbing workforce is also vital for community safety.

Q. Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know about WPD 17?

A. The community will look to the plumbing profession for leadership and to develop the solutions. It’s important our plumbing professionals meet the challenge and are trained to take advantage of the opportunities.

Visit your local branch or plumbing association to see what activities they will be holding and for more information. 

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